ASTRO File Manager with Cloud

ASTRO File Manager with Cloud

Manage files and perform backups on your Android device


  • Very easy to navigate files
  • Task and process manager
  • Perform application backups
  • Handles ZIP and TAR files


  • No support for RAR file format


Looking for a free file manager for Android? Look no further than Astro File Manager, a free application for organizing documents, files and folders, managing tasks and processes, and performing backups.

Working with Astro File Manager is a joy thanks to the program's clear, customizable user interface. It allows you to perform a wide variety of tasks via a sliding toolbar at the top of the screen. The main window shows you all of the folders on your system and perusing the files in these folders is made easy by the inclusion of Up, Back and Next buttons to navigate through the directories.

Astro File Manager lets you choose to view files and folders either in traditional list format, or as icons, which feels a lot more like the Windows Explorer. Files and folders can be sorted by name, date, size or type. Astro File Manager also includes a reliable search tool for quickly finding a specific file.

Among Astro File Manager's other features are its ability to open ZIP and TAR compressed files, although the app doesn't currently support RAR files, which is a bit of a shame.

Manage your apps

Astro File Manager comes with a very handy application manager and backup tool. Here you can view a list of all your installed apps, then choose to uninstall them or back them up to your SD card at the tap of a button. There's also a process manager, where you can view currently-running apps, services and process, and kill them instantly if you wish.

You'll find a wealth of preferences within Astro File Manager that make managing your files all the easier. you can customize the toolbar, set your preferred home directory, edit file extensions, enable/disable browser downloads, and clear the internal caches in your Android phone.

Astro File Manager is arguably the best file management app for Android, and it gives you a lot more control over your device.

Fixed several small bugs on several different platforms


  • Fixed several small bugs on several different platforms

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ASTRO File Manager with Cloud


ASTRO File Manager with Cloud

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